About us

We’re a team of dedicated specialists with a genuine love for data analysis and forecasting. Our professional backgrounds include business and data analysis, software development, statistics, sociology and psychology.

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By reaching out to the crowds, we are able to extract accurate data based on our expertise and keen eye for fine detail.

We aim to offer our clients a refined product based on our unique recipe of scientific knowledge and wisdom of the crowds.

Thus, our passion and proven experience drives us to push beyond our limits and develop our product into a better version every day.

Vlad Hatieganu
Ana-Maria Erascu
Project Manager
Armin Comanac
Data Scientist
Horia Valeanu
Nicoleta Coconcea
Ciprian Lazar
Senior Programmer

Let’s talk about how you can bring wisdom of the crowds into your life!

E-mail: contact@checkthecrowd.com